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Thursday 10.03.13


Not much to say here. Ryan's look says it all.


A1. Narrow-grip floor press (wk 3 of 4), 5-4-3-2-1, AHAP 
A2. DB bent-over row, 5x6, heavier than last week 

Notes: 2:30 clock. The goal of the 5-4-3-2-1 rep scheme isn't to build you up to a true 1RM. Go as heavy as possible on all 5 sets. The actual testing will come next week.

5 rounds for time: 
9 kipping pullups 
15 pushups 
45 double unders 

Notes: 15 min cut-off. Do some sort of kipping pullups, be it jumping kipping pullups, or banded kipping pullups. Focus on pushing yourself away from the bar on the way down and allowing your shoulders to fully open up at the bottom of the kip. With the pushups, do not allow yourself to do even the SLIGHTEST bit of "worming." Some of you may have to swallow your pride and do them from the knees to make that happen. All too often we let these get a little sloppy. As soon as your chest/shoulders start moving off the floor, your hips should as well. If you go slow and don't rush, you'll notice if it does or doesn't happen. Doing them this way may require you to move through them slower than usual, but it's worth it. Lastly, with the double unders I really encourage you to actually do double unders as opposed to singles. You've got 15 minutes to do this so you've got time. If you absolutely must scale it somehow, do only 30 or 20 reps per round, rather than single unders. At some point you've got to take off the training wheels and force yourself to get the doubles. 


A. Muscle-ups, 1-4 reps EMOM x10 minutes 

Notes: However many MU's you did last week, you should go up from there this week. 

3 rounds for time: 
15 HSPU 
25 pullups 
75 double unders 

Notes: 15 min cut-off. If the thought of having to do 45 HSPU in a workout doesn't psyche you out at all, then do them to a deficit.

Post loads and times to comments. 


Brad Glemser
October 4, 2013 1:10 PM
Brad Glemser
101: A1. 155, 160, 165, 170, 175 A2. 50, 50, 50, 50, 50 (Single-arm rows) A1: Hit my sticking point with every set and needed a little help to get through it. Maybe the load was a tad too heavy but it was good to work the time under tension. I find I have a hard time sustaining scapular retraction and keeping my core engaged when the load gets heavy - which doesn't help matters. A2: I thought by using single-arm that I would be able to focus more on the contraction of the lats - especially on the left side - but I didn't quite get what I wanted out of this. I notice that I shift my hips too far to my right side when doing rows on my left and I have trouble activating my lat as a result. One of my main goals is to work on my imbalances but with this exercise I find it hard to adjust my position. WOD: 101 - 4 rounds + 23 reps Kipping pullups are definitely something to work on - having more active shoulders than legs. Used a box for the first 3 rounds. Pushups were fine - only felt a little challenging due to the strength set. DUs are a work in progress. I was able to successfully string a couple together for the first time - so, there is hope.