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Friday 10.04.13


Sam (welcome back!), Ben, and Tricia knocking out their DB snatches on Wednesday.


A. 3-position clean (mid-thigh, below knee, floor) + 1 jerk, 7 sets

Notes: 2 min clock. Be diligent to put the work in and you will see success!


5 rounds for time:
5 OH lunge (R arm, L leg)
5 OH lunge (L arm, R leg)
10 box jumps
15 front squats, 45/33lb

Notes: 15 min cut-off. Lunges should be done in place with a KB held overhead. Ensure that the arm stays locked out during the lunges. No soft elbows. Step down the box jumps.


A. Hang clean (above knee) and jerk, 10 min to build to 2RM

B. Hang clean (above knee) and jerk, 90% of A, 3x1

Notes: You should drop the first jerk and then deadlift into the hang position for the second rep. Don't try to lower the bar back to the hang position after the first jerk. If you can do that, it's probably not heavy enough anyway. However, once you drop the first rep, don't take more than 5-7 seconds to pick up the bar for the second rep. On B, do not go above 90%. I want 3 more reps that are heavy, but that you can hit solidly. Rest 60 seconds between sets on B.


3 rounds for time:

10 KB snatch + OH lunge (R arm, L leg) 24/16kg (DEMO)
10 KB snatch + OH lunge (L arm, R leg) 24/16kg
20 box jumps, 24″/20"
30 jumping squats, 45/33lb

Notes: 15 min-cut off. As you get into the second and third rounds, stay focused on the box jumps. Your legs will get tired. You will be more apt to miss a jump. DON'T miss. If need be, partner up to share boxes. Lastly, step down the box jumps.

Post loads and times to comments.


Al Macey
October 4, 2013 3:46 PM
Al Macey
Strength, 201: 185x2, 205x2, 225x2, 235x1, 205x3x1 WOD: 201, 2 rounds, 12 reps. KB snatch and lunge was a little tough on my bum shoulder.