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Tuesday 10.22.13


Jamie and Ryan on the turnaround during last week's shuttle runs.


A1. Ring pushups (with turnout, see below), 5x10-12
A2. DB chainsaw row (DEMO), 5x10 each

Notes: 3 min clock. You'll be training these movements for the next 4 weeks. Set up (likely using a box) such that your feet and hands are level and on the same plane. Watch the video as it demonstrates EXACTLY how you should do these. Now, if you can't do sets of 10 pushups on the rings, either due to lack of stability or pressing strength, do regular pushups on the floor and do whatever you must to get 10 reps. Hint: if you typically do your pushups from your knees, you need to first be able to do pushups from your toes before attempting them on the rings, so that's what you should work on. Don't put the proverbial cart before the horse. On the other hand, if 12 ring pushups WITH A TURNOUT is no problem for you, then add weight to them. Regardless of all of that, ensure that you are maintaining a neutral spine throughout the movement. Especially on the rings, because the floor isn't there to stop you, it will be quite evident if you're letting your hips/back sag. Squeeze your butt and suck your belly button in to stabilize your low back. Lastly, on the chainsaw row, like in the demo video, you can use some body English to get the dumbell all the way up. Now, don't get carried away with that, but this is a movement you should use heavier weight on than you would for a regular DB bent-over row.


A1. Narrow-grip floor press, build to max
A2. Wtd strict pullups, build to max

Notes: You'll have 15 minutes to hit 1RM's for both movements. Use as many sets as necessary.


101 & 201

On a 4:30 clock, complete 5 rounds for calories and run times:
30 sec AD
400m run

Notes: Come prepared with whatever clothes you may want because we will be running outside. You'll be in groups of no more than 3 people to one AD. The clock will be set on a 4:30 repeat. Person A in each group will always start at the top of the 4:30, Person B will always start 1 min later than A, and Person C will always start 2 min later than A. Because the clock counts down that means A will start at 4:30, B at 3:30, C at 2:30. That means that after A finishes their 30 sec on the AD, there will be 30 sec for B to get on the AD and get set before their 30 sec begins. Same with C. Confused? Your coach will set you straight. Try to acheive consistent cals and run times. If you're a master pacer, shoot for negative splits on the runs.

Post loads, calories, and times to comments.


October 22, 2013 8:13 AM
NGFP- 155#, 175#, 185#, 195#, 205# (f), 200#(PR). Pullups-25#, 35#, 45#, 50#, 60#, 65#, all w/pronated grip. WOD (forgot to write down, so i think this is what they were): rd1-24cal/1:32, rd2-21cal/1:31, rd3-22cal/1:32, rd4-23cal/1:34, rd5-22cal/1:34. This felt like death, hoping tomorrow is a bit easier on the legs...