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Friday 12.06.13


See below.


A. 1 pause clean + 1 clean + 1 jerk, 7 sets, build to a "technical" max 
B. Clean & jerk, 1@90%, 1@95%, 1@100% of A

Notes: Use a 1:15 clock for A and B. Pause right below the knee. Note that on both cleans, the knees should track back as the bar leaves the floor and as the bar passes the knees, the shins should be vertical and the shoulders over (in front of) the bar, just like in the above photo. This position is critical to have a successful finish to your pull. Then continue to pull the knees back until the bar is above the knees, at which point the knees can start moving back under the bar into the power position.


For time: 
15 power cleans, 60% of A
60 sec HS hold
12 power cleans, 60% of A
40 sec HS hold
9 power cleans, 60% of A
20 sec HS hold

Notes: 10 min cut-off. The handstand hold doesn't need to be done unbroken, but you do need to accumulate the required amount of time before doing the next set of power cleans. If you're new and are still learning the clean movement, stick with hang power cleans rather than power cleans.


A. Power clean + hang clean + jerk, 7 sets to build to a "technical" max 
B. Power clean + hang clean + jerk, 3x1@90% of A

Notes: Use a 1:15 clock for A and B.


"Dirty Diane" 
Power cleans, 185/125lb
Deficit HSPU, men: 2-45's/hand to 1 abmat; women: 1-45 & 1-25/hand to 1 abmat

Notes: 10 min cut-off. Scale as needed, but like with Amanda earlier, if you can do the movements as prescribed then go for it, even if it means not finishing under the cut-off. Challenge yourself.

Post loads and times to comments.


December 6, 2013 8:23 AM
201 PC/HC/Jerk to Tech Max- 175#, 185#, 190#, 195#, 205#, 215# (Power Clean PR, f jerk, just a bad rep), 225# (Power Clean, Hang Clean PR!). Dropped to 205# for the 3 sets at 90%. "Dirty Diane"@Rx-9:39, was pretty happy to complete this one!