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Tuesday 01.07.14


Eric H. during last Thursday's workout. I really appreciate Eric's positive attitude whenever he's in to workout. He wants to improve and it shows. Keep up the steady progress Eric!


A1. Low-amplitude box jumps, rebounding, 3x15 (4"-12" box height)
A2. Single-arm DB press, 3x15 each, very light
A3. MB rotational throws, 3x15 each

Notes:On a few days per week we're going to start incorporating some injury prevention/warm-up exercises like above. After a quick general warm-up you'll have about 10 minutes to complete the pre-hab before we begin the rest of the workout. Coaches will have more instruction during class but the idea with all of these exercises is to use light weights, higher reps, and drill good quality movement. This will help to get you good and warm prior to the rest of the workout and shore up any injury issues that may arise. Don't slouch on this stuff. It's just as important as the rest of the workout.

If you can do HSPU with your head and hands on the same plane:

A. EMOMx10: 3 deadlifts @ 75% 1RM + 5-10 HSPU

Notes: HSPU should be kipping. If you can easily do at least 5 HSPU for the entire 10 minutes, add a deficit.

If you can't do HSPU with your head and hands on the same plane:

A. EMOM x10: 
Even - 5 deadlifts @ 75-80% 1RM
Odd - 5 L-seated DB press (DEMO), heavy

Notes: Watch the demo video. This will challenge not just your pressing strength but your core stability as well. Start with a doable weight but if you're able, quickly build in weight over the 5 sets.


101 & 201

AMRAP in 8 min: 
12 box jump step-downs, 24"/20"
8 KB Swing, 24/16kg (American is preferred but stick with Russian if you're still learning)
6 shoulder-to-overhead, 115/75
Rest 4 min 
AMRAP in 8 min: 
24 double unders
12 T2B
8 thrusters, 95/65

Notes: On the first AMRAP, 6-7+ rounds isn't out of the question. On the second AMRAP, 4-5+ rounds is possible, provided your proficient with DU's and T2B.

Post loads and rounds/reps to comments.


January 7, 2014 9:16 AM
Prehab- Box jumps to 8", 25# DB Press, 20# MB throws. HSPU/DL - did HSPU with abmat and red 25kg plate, with large black 45# plate per hand (maybe a 5" deficit) and DL@315#, 5 HSPU 1st round, 4 for the next 8 and then 2 reps on the last round. AMRAP 1@Rx-6 rounds+22 reps. AMRAP 2@Rx-4 rounds+37 reps. Was a tough day!