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Friday 01.10.14


Matt S. banging out some strict pull-ups. Great having you around Matt!

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 6@65%, 4@75%, 2@85%, AMRAP@80%

Notes: 2.5 minute clock. The last set at 80% should be as many reps as possible without stopping. "Stopping" in this case is with any excessive pausing at the top of the lift. You should take no more than 2 seconds at the top of the rep to breathe, brace and start the descent for the next rep. If you take longer than 2 seconds your set is done.


10 min AMRAP: 
30 double unders
15 power snatch, 75/55lb
Rest 5 min 
For time: 
Deadlifts, 155/105
C2B pull-ups

Notes: 7 min cut-off. Plan on seeing C2B in the Open so if you can do them, you should, even if it takes you a while and you don't finish under the cut-off. Get the practice. However if you can't do C2B at all, then do regular.

Post loads, rounds/reps, and times to comments.


January 10, 2014 7:54 AM
Back Squats- 6@225#, 4#255#, 2@285# then 9@265# for the AMRAP. 10 Min AMRAP- 6 rounds+29 reps, went hard but didn't push it all-out because of the additional workout. DL/C2B/Burpees-4:38, got pretty tired very quickly on this.