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Friday 01.31.14


Great having you back Kevin! Now don't ever be gone for that long again...

As a reminder, Saturday morning's schedule will be a bit different this week due to our Paleo Fitness Challenge kick-off. We'll have the free intro class as usual from 8-9AM but then open gym will only be from 9-10 and there won't be a group WOD.

For those of you participating in the PFC, feel free to come anytime between 9:30 and 10:00 for your bodyfat measurements and to get your before pics taken if you're opting to do that. Then at 10:00 we'll review the rules, scoring, food, etc. and afterward do the workout. We'll likely have to run a couple of heats of the workout. We'll likely need you to help count reps for those that are going and then when you go they'll count reps for you. Remember, improvement in this workout is one of the ways to score points.

See you Saturday morning!


A1. Low-amplitude box jumps, bounding, 3x20
A2. SA DB press, 3x15 each
A3. MB rotational throws, 3x10 each, quick

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 6@70%, 4@80%, 2@90%, AMRAP@85%

Notes: 2.5 minute clock. On the last set you can take no more than two seconds at the top of each rep to breath, brace and start the next set.


6 sets, each AFAP on a 3:30 clock:
10 burpee box jumps, 24" max
60' prowler push (30' down, 30' back)

Notes: AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! 101: prowler, 20lb/empty. 201: prowler, 50/20lb. You'll work in groups of at most 4 per prowler. Don't start the burpee box jumps until the person in front of you has at least started their prowler push. That should space you out enough so as to not run into each other.

Post load and times per round to comments.



Al Macey
January 31, 201412:42 PM
Al Macey
Remind me not to wear my lifting shoes for pre-hab box jumps again. BS: 275, 315, 365. For the AMRAP I dropped down to 315 (prescribed weight was 345) due to some back tightness, got 11 reps. No clue how long it was taking me to do the rounds on the WOD... all I know is I did all of them and I didn't puke. :)