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Friday 02.14.14


Roman. Focused.


A1. Low-amplitude lateral box jumps (DEMO), bounding, 3x10 each way
A2. Bent-over reverse flies (DEMO), 3x15
A3. MB front rotational scoop toss (DEMO), 3x10 each

Notes: On the lateral box jumps, don't be afraid to start with something as low as a single 45lb plate and start with sticking the landing at both the top and bottom until you feel comfortable enough to start rebounding. With the reverse flies keep a slight bend in the elbow, fully retract the scapulae, and keep your thumbs pointed up to the ceiling to maintain external rotation. Lastly, on the scoop tosses, start your first set by doing all 10 reps on one side, then all 10 reps on the other side. Thereafter if you've got the feel for it you can alternate back and forth (still doing 10 reps each or 20 total). Note that this should be somewhat of a plyometric action meaning the ball should bounce off the wall hard enough that you catch it and go right into the next rep with no pauses, just like in the video. 

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 5@80%, 3@85%, 1@90%, 5@85%, 3@90%, 1@95%

Notes: 2.5 minute clock.

B. Push press, 5x5, build to AHAP

Notes: 2.5 minute clock.


For time:
100 wall balls

Notes: Compare to 01.08.14. 6 min cut-off.

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