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Tuesday 02.18.14


Laura and Jill have been with us for a solid month now and are really getting into a groove with CFS. I love how these ladies work their tails off and do the best they can. They ask questions, record their workouts (usually, haha), and show a desire to improve. And in a short time, improve they have! If you see either of them in class and haven't met them yet, don't hesitate to introduce yourself. You'll be glad you did.


As of this writing we've got 39 people signed up for the Open! Well done guys! For those of you that have signed up (or if you're thinking about signing up, here's another incentive), we're getting special CrossFit Sanctify Affiliate Team shirts made up, exclusively to those of you participating in the Open. Men's and women's t-shirts and tank tops are available in either black or indigo blue. They'll be printed on American Apparel tri-blend (the same shirts that we used for the Farmhand Challenge if you have one of those). The cost is $20 so get your style, color, and size to Paul (paul@crossfitsanctify.com) so we can get those ordered ASAP and have them in time for the 14.1 which is less than 2 weeks away. Don't miss out!


A. 1 hang clean + 1 clean + 1 jerk, 5 sets, build to AHAP

Notes: 2 minute clock.

B. EMOM x8: 2 front squats @ 80-85%


A. 1 power clean + 1 hang clean + 1 jerk, 5 sets, build to AHAP

Notes: 2 minute clock. I realize the time constraint might not allow you to build to as heavy as you could with longer time, but the goal is to practice maintaining technique even in a slightly fatigued state. Do the best you can with it.

B. EMOM x8: 2 front squats @ 80-85%


101 & 201

12 min AMRAP:
15 box jumps, 24"/20"
10 T2B

Notes: If you can't do HSPU, do 5 heavy DB push presses instead. However, if you're able, use a deficit on the HSPU.

Post loads and rounds/reps to Facebook.