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Wednesday 03.05.14


Waiting in the wings on Saturday.


A1. KB front rack/waiter's walk, 3x length of rack each arm
A2. MB sit-up throws (DEMO), 3x15
A3. Lateral single leg line hops, 3x10 each leg (over and back = 1)

Notes: On the single leg line hops, if you feel like you've got these down solidly, lay a thick band (green/gray) flat on the floor and hop over that without touching it.

101 & 201

A. Snatch balance (DEMO), 5x3, build to AHAP

Notes: 2 minute clock. Yes, use the racks obviously. Watch the demo video. Also note that this movement is distinctly different from the pressing snatch balances that we do as part of our barbell warm-up. The snatch balance is all about getting under the bar quickly and aggressively while the pressing snatch balance is about deliberately pushing yourself down into the bottom of the squat and is a great warm-up/prep movement before snatches or snatch balances.


8 min AMRAP:
20M/15F cals AD
10 KB swings, 32/24kg (American)
10 abmat sit-ups


4 minute rest


EMOM x8: 3 deadlifts + 5 HSPU

Notes: For the deadlifts, use about 75% 1RM up to 315/205. If you can't do HSPU, do 5 HEAVY DB military presses. Depending on class size, we'll split in half and have one half start on the AMRAP and the other half on the EMOM piece. Then we'll switch.

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