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Friday 03.21.14


Read about 14.4 here.


A1. Low, bounding box jumps, 3x15, increase height per set
A2. SA military press, 3x10 each, light
A3. Split stance MB rotational throws (DEMO), 3x10 each

Notes: For the split stance MB throws, use the same stance that you would for a split jerk. Keep your arms fairly straight (not completely locked out) and get a good amount of rotation in the shoulders. Watch the demo.

"14.4 Prep"

A. Power cleans, 5x5 TnG, build to 135-165/95-110

Notes: 90 second clock. Work on being as smooth and efficient with these as possible. Practice keeping your hookgrip and just allowing the elbows to break the vertical plane of the bar.


At 80% effort:
30 cals on erg
25 t2b
20 wall ball, 20/14lb to 10'/9' target
15 power cleans, 135/95
5-10 muscle-ups

Notes: The goal of this should be just to pace this out and get a feel for when to break, how to break, and what overall pace to maintain. The limiters for most of you on this workout will be the t2b and muscle-ups. Think about how hard you want to go on the row, how to break the t2b and wall balls, and whether or not to do singles or TnG on the power cleans. Those of you not doing 14.4 on Saturday can go harder on this obviously.

If you're doing it Saturday, stick to the volume and effort prescribed. With whatever time remains be sure to foam roll and stretch afterward.

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