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Friday 03.28.14


Well, I can't say I'm surprised...

expect I'll have to re-post this because you all are so excited about the announcement of 14.5 that you'll probably gloss right over this and miss it. Alas...

It's time for a Sanctify Social! We're well overdue so next Saturday, April 5, let's go bowling! It'll be at Dream Lanes at 6PM and all Sanctifiers and their families are welcome to join. Cost is $3.75 per game and shoe rental is $3.00. If I'm friends with you on Facebook you should've recieved an invite there (if you didn't it's not because I'm a jerk; probably a simple oversight or we're not FB friends...email me if that's the case). Please respond to that sooner rather than later so I know how many lanes to reserve.

This should be a lot of fun and we'd love to have a great turnout. Hope you can make it!


A1. Low, bounding box jumps, 3x15
A2. SA military press, 3x10 each, light
A3. Split stance MB rotational throws (DEMO), 3x10 each

Notes: For the split stance MB throws, use the same stance that you would for a split jerk. Keep your arms fairly straight (not completely locked out) and get a good amount of rotation in the shoulders. Watch the demo.

"14.5 Prep"

A. Thrusters, 12 minutes to build to a moderate-heavy single, from the floor

Notes: Do as much barbell warm-up as you want but no weight can be added until the clock starts. Grease the groove. Move fast. Be explosive.


At 75% effort:
thrusters, 95/65 (Masters 55+: 65/45)
bar-facing burpees

Notes: This ends up being half the volume of the full workout. From watching the announcement show, steady will win this race. Briggs went out fast but Froning, like his usual modus operandi, went out slow and steady (well not slow for the rest of us), and never deviated from the pace. I want you to find that "sweet spot" pace for you and then lock into it. In fact, as the rep scheme of this workout goes downhill, so should your pace (faster, not downhill...depending on how you look at it). In the final minute of this workout (which will probably the rounds of 6 and 3 for most of you, roughly), that's when you pour it on. At that point in the workout you're going to have to shut off your brain and go to that dark, painful place. Don't do that on Friday mind you, but as you're practicing 14.5, mentally prepare for what that's gonna feel like.

After you're done with today's work, spend some time cooling down (AD and erg) and stretching, especially your quads. 

Post results to Facebook.