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Tuesday 04.01.14


Got to give a shout-out to Jin here. To his credit, he stuck with it on Saturday, despite really wanting to quite after the round of 12. But, with a little coaxing, he hung in there and grinded out the last 18 thrusters and burpees, sometimes coming 1 at a time. Well done Jin. We were pulling for you!

101 & 201

A. 3-stop snatch pull + high hang snatch (DEMO), 6x2, build to heavier than last week

Notes: 2 minute clock. Check here for what you got up to last week, unless of course you're not posting your results to Facebook (but you are doing that aren't you?).


15 min AMRAP @ 85% effort
12 wall balls
50' walking lunges
12 KB swings, 24/16kg (101: Russian, 201: American)

Notes: Ths isn't a "tester," hence the 85% recommendation. If want you to do a decent volume of work, but stay below your "redline." Work hard but steadily.

Post results to Facebook.