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Wednesday 04.02.14

The final standings. I don't know about you all, but for me the last five weeks have been a lot of fun. Specifically Saturday mornings. Seeing the big turnout each week and the way everyone stepped up to the plate and really performed to the best of their abilities was very cool to see. And I don't know about you, but I thought the atmosphere on Saturday mornings was stellar as well. I know it's not the Games, but for our small but tight-knit community, I'm proud of the way you supported each other, pushed each other, celebrated each other's victories, and showed great sportsmanship and character. Try as we may, I know the schedule got a little off at times, it was more crowded than what would be ideal, and you may or may not have had as much room to warm-up as you'd like. Despite those things though, I didn't hear anyone complain. Instead, you just made the most of it and still delivered amazing efforts and results. Thank you. I'm proud to call all of you Sanctify athletes.

And I've got a say a special thanks to Paul, Ryan, Tyler, and Reed as well. Whether it was helping me figure out the layout of the gym each week, getting there early to sweep the floor and rearrange the equipment (Tyler), always being willing to step up and be a judge, or being our #1 demo girl (haha, Reed), I couldn't have pulled this off without you guys. I'm blessed to have such a solid team around me. Thank you, men.

Some more CrossFit Games/upcoming competition info:

  • Our #1 masters athlete, Paul, finished 129th in the world in the 45-49 age group. That mean's he'll be doing a "video Regional" April 18-21 where he'll have to do 4 more workouts caught on camera. From there, if he finishes in the top-20 worldwide, he'll earn a trip to the CrossFit Games in July. Be sure to congratulate him if you see him!
  • Also on April 19, we've got 12 Sanctify ladies heading down to Arlington Heights, IL to compete in the 2014 Athena Classic. It's a one-day, women only competition with ladies from all over the midwest competing. Wish them the best and if you want to go down and support them, I'm sure they'd appreciate it! Good luck, Mary, Sue, Deb, Jodi, Apryl, Sarah, Amber, Anne-Lise, Ana, Anna Marie, Megan, and Natalie. Represent!
  • You may have heard about the Granite Games in Minnesota on September 12-14. It's a very big, regional competition and we sent a handful of athletes last year. This year there is an online qualifier process (similar to the Open) which will begin in June. We've already formed a communty group so if you'd like to participate, talk to Paul for more info. Anyone is welcome.

Lastly, don't forget about our Bowling Party this Saturday evening! Due to the Badger game and when Dream Lanes' leagues begin, we've moved the start time up to 5PM. That way we can get a couple hours of bowling in before the game starts. And by the way, there are TVs around the lanes and plenty in the bar as well at Dream Lanes so you're more than welcome to stay and watch the game there.

Remember, to please RSVP via the Facebook invite so we know how many lanes to reserve. Hope you can make it!


A1. Retract, row, rotate (DEMO), 3x10
A2. Step-up jumps, 3x20 alt'g (10 each)
A3. 1/2 kneeling MB rotational throws, 3x10 each

Notes: Regarding A1, we've done these in the past with your elbows at your side but now I want your elbows straight out from your shoulders, 90 degrees from your side, just like in the demo.

101 & 201

A1. Military press, 4x8 @ 3030, AHAP, rest 60 seconds
A2. Ring rows (101) or Barbell bent-over rows (201), 4x8 @ 3030, AHAP, rest 60 seconds

Notes: Before you go any further, read "What Does 30X0 Mean - Why I Like Tempo Training" by C.J. Martin of CrossFit Invictus. It spells out everything you need to know about tempo training. Depending on numbers, you'll likely be partnered up and one of you may start on A1 while the other simultaneously starts on A2. 


4x400m run
4x500m row

Notes: 5 minute clock. Due to it potentially being a bit chilly, you get to choose which you do. If you decide to row, go hard on all four reps (negative splits anyone?). If you choose to run, there are a couple of ways to approach this depending on who you are. If you're a strong runner and/or you've put in some miles through the winter (be it on a treadmill or outside), go after each rep pretty hard and you should be able to maintain fairly consistent times due to the work-to-rest ratio you should get. However, if you can't remember the last time you ran and you'd prefer to keep it that way, pace these pretty steadily. Just put in the meters. Ease your feet/calves/knees/etc. back into things gently.

Post results to Facebook.