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Friday 04.04.14


Jodi getting her "hop" on last Saturday. I've got to say how proud I am of Jodi for her performance during this year's Open. I know she was at first a bit discouraged because she wouldn't be able to post a score except on one of the workouts. However, she was reminded that it's not about her vs. everyone else, it's just her vs. her and she can give her best effort and be proud of her performance regardless of whether anything was "official" or not. I admire your perseverance and your ever-optimistic attitude, Jodi. Don't ever lose that!

Last chance to RSVP for the Sanctify Bowling Party on Saturday evening at 5PM. The number of lanes we reserve will be based on the number of RSVP's we have so please do. Gonna be fun!


A1. Low, bounding box jumps, 3x15
A2. SA military press, 3x10 each, light
A3. Split stance MB rotational throws (DEMO), 3x10 each

Notes: For the split stance MB throws, use the same stance that you would for a split jerk. Keep your arms fairly straight (not completely locked out) and get a good amount of rotation in the shoulders. Watch the demo.

Those that can't do a STRICT muscle-up

A. Strict C2B pull-ups (supinated), 5x5 @ 30X3

Notes: 2:30 clock. This will be hard and many of you that normally don't need bands for pull-ups very well may need them for this. Think about what that tempo is telilng you: pull up as fast as you can (X), hold your chest to the bar (yes literally touching) for 3 seconds, take 3 seconds to lower yourself, start the next rep with no pause (0). That's about 6-8 seconds per rep x 5 reps = you're going to be on the bar for 30-40 seconds. The priority is to maintain these tempos so use whatever band is needed to make that happen.

Those that can do a STRICT muscle-up

A. Strict muscle-ups, 5x2-4

Notes: 2:30 clock. I want you to get at least 10 strict MU's in. If you can't do at least 2 per set, then I just want you to do as many sets as needed to get at least 10 reps within the 12.5 minutes that everyone else will be working on pull-ups.


5 sets @ 100% effort, each on a 4:30 clock:
Prowler shuttle push, alternate high vs. low handles with each direction change (full length of rack and back, half length of rack and back)
15M/10F cals on AD

Notes: Be in groups of at most 4 people per prowler and AD. Rotate through such that only 1 person is working at a time. Partner 1 will do an entire round (prowler and AD) and as soon as they're done on the AD Partner 2 will begin, so on and so forth until everyone in the group has gone. Partner 1 won't start their next set until the clock beeps at the end of 4:30. Recommended weights are 50-90lb for the men and 0-50lb for the ladies (that's weight added), however the duration of work should take 1:00-1:15 (including the AD) leaving you 3:15-3:30 to recover (~ 1:3 work-to-rest ratio). If you're not finishing in that time frame you may need to decrease the weight on the prowler.

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