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Thursday 140417

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Jacque grittin' her teeth. Grrr!

101 & 201

A. 2 clean pull + 1 clean + 1 jerk (DEMO), 6 sets, build to heavy but not maximal

Notes: 1:45 clock. Just like in the DEMO video. Like Tuesday's snatch work, we're just engraining proper movement mechanics into your brain in preparation for next week. Go heavy but don't allow the weight to compromise your movement. Again, 201's should do TnG reps.


On the first minute: 8 deadlifts, 101 - 225/155; 201 - 255/175
On the second minute: 12 burpees
On the third minute: 6-10 HSPU x7

Notes: HSPU should be done with hand and head on top of a black foam mat to be considered "as prescribed." If need be, scale to using an abmat or two (not more than 2) under your head or doing a 20-30 second HS hold.

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