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Friday 140425


Brandi talking Angela through the "discomfort" of Monday's row repeat test. You all may need similar encouragement for this last one...


A. Box jumps (moderate height, up to 12"), 30 jumps broken up however
B. Box jumps (higher, up to 20"), 20 jumps broken up however
C. Depth jumps (DEMO, low to medium drop height, up to 12"), 25 ground strikes

101 & 201

A. 8 minutes combined aerobic effort on AD/erg/run (AD is the preference)

Notes: Finish the last 1-2 minutes at high effort.

B. 500m row @ 2k pace with last 150m sprint, rest at least 5 minutes
C. 2k row for time (DEMO, the final minute is the best...)

Notes: This is a test. A and B are just to get you prepped for C. At this point you should be thoroughly warmed up and ready to rock. Set your monitor to count down from 2000. We'll go in rolling heats: as soon as an erg become available hop on, get set, and go for it. Let your coach know if you're going for the record board.

Post times to Facebook and Google spreadsheet.