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Thursday 140501

In case you missed it yesterday on Facebook, some highlights from last week's C&J maxes. Great work everyone!

101 & 201

Rest Day

Option 1 - Just do recovery work, such as 20+ minutes of easy aerobic activity, foam rolling, mobility/stretching, etc.

Option 2 - Make up a missed workout from Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday

Option 3 - Skill work:

A. Ring or bar hollow/arch swings (starting at 1:12), 3x10
B. Feet on box hollow to arch with pull (starting at 4:40), 3x5
C. Transitions with band (starting at 11:00), 3x5

Notes: The hollow and arch drills you did yesterday in the prehab tie in exactly with these drills. Watch the video for demos on these and coaches can provide more instruction during class.

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