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Wednesday 140604


Note the similarities.

Midline Strengthening

Hollow holds, 3x25 sec (rest 35 sec)
Hollow holds on hands and feet (see above), 3x30 sec (rest 30 sec)

Notes: If you're getting pretty strong in the hollow position (can maintain pressure b/w your lumbar and the floor with pointed toes and outstretched arms), it's time to do them from your hands and feet.


A1. NG floor press, 4x8 @40X0, heavier than last week
A2. Ring row, 4x6 @30X3, more horizontal than last week

Notes: Use a 3:30 clock. The tempos are the same as last week which means the load/difficulty should increase.


A1. NG floor press, 4x8 @40X0, heavier than last week
A2. Pendlay row (DEMO), 4x6 @30X3, heavier than last week

Notes: 3:30 clock. Increase the weight on both.


5 sets, each on a 4 minute clock:
10 HEAVY DB push presses
20 sec wall-facing HS hold (nose and toes touching, hollow, see above)
30 sec fast (not maximal) AD

Notes: Use a partner to time your HS hold but set up your AD so you can see the clock for your AD ride. Note that you should be going fast, but not all-out on the AD.

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