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Friday 140613

Sometimes we all need a little boost. Anna, Courtney, and Alyson helping Nick finish his run. Well done guys.


A. 2 cleans from below knee + 1 jerk, 8 sets @ heavier than 140516, 1:30 clock

Notes: Really dial in your transition around the knee this week. Continue getting under the bar quickly. And on the jerk, remember, short and quick back foot, aggressive step-out with the front foot, 1-2 rhythm. We'll spend more time doing this drill.


A. 2 cleans from below knee + 1 jerk, 8 sets@80%, 1:30 clock

Notes: See 101.


16 min AMRAP
Alternate complete rounds with a partner:
75m run
10 box jump step-downs, 24"/20" (no step-ups)
10 double KB push press, 24/16kg

Notes: You and your partner should use the same weight KBs. Only one of you will work at a time. You'll do the run, BJSD, and KB PP then you'll rest while your partner does the same. Go back in forth getting as many rounds as possible in the 16 minutes.

Post loads, partners, and rounds completed to Facebook.