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Wednesday 140618


It's no Hookgrip but nonetheless, here's a great sequence of Brian during Monday's snatch work. What I especially like is in the second picture when the bar is at his knees: his shins are vertical, shoulders out in front of the bar, and you can almost see the tension on his hamstrings. Textbook. He finishes the pull with complete extension of his hips and knees and a slight lean-back. That all allows him to aggressively pull himself under the bar for a solid receiving position. Well done Brian!

101 & 201

A. Front squat, 10 min to build to 3RM, 1x3@95%, 1x3@90%

Notes: You can warm up to 135/95 before the 10 minutes starts, but you'll then have a STRICT 10 minutes to build to a 3RM for the day (the goal isn't necessarily a 3RM PR but rather the best you can do ON THIS DAY). The drop set percentages are based off of your 3RM that you just hit and should be done on a 2:30 clock.

B1. NG floor press, 6x5 @30X0
B2. Ring row (101)/Pendlay row (201), 6x4 @30X0

Notes: 3 minute clock. You should go heavier than last week on both movements. This is the last week with these exercises so really push the loads.

C. Band goodmornings, 3x15-20, rest 1 min b/w sets

Notes: This is being done for recovery/prehab purposes. With all the squatting that we'll be doing for the next few weeks we need to keep the hamstrings and low back feeling good. Be intentional with this and get some good blood flow to your posterior chain.

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