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Monday 140630

June was a great month and I expect July to be even better once we re-test later this month.

This will be our last week of concentrated strength for this current cycle that we're in. You probably already noticed on the schedule that with Independence Day being Friday we're only having morning classes at 7, 8, and 9AM and we'll be doing a hero WOD ("Lumberjack 20" if you care to look it up). Because of that the strength work that we would've done on Friday will be done during Saturday's regular classes. I'd strongly encourage you to make it on Saturday morning if at all possible so as to get the full benefit of the last three weeks and therefore hit some major PRs in a few weeks.

101 & 201

A. Hang snatch (mid-hang), 7x2@85-90%, 1:30 clock

Notes: Yes, these should be heavy but we can't start missing a bunch of reps either. Start at 85% and add if possible up to 90% but if you miss two reps in a row, drop the weight.

B. Back squat, 2x3@85%, 4x2@90%, 2:30 clock

C1. RDL, 3x10
C2. Leg raise with hip lift (DEMO), 3x10-15

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