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Looking forward to more days where the gym is full like this!

What better day to announce an exciting change coming down the pipeline at Sanctify than a rest day huh? First of all, read this otherwise what follows won't make any sense. Once you've read that and have a bunch of questions, come back here and I'll try to address those...


...did you read it yet? Ok good. Now to shed some background on where this came from.

After much deliberating, noticing, and brainstorming, we've concluded that our current 101/201 "class" structure doesn't do as well as it could at meeting your needs as well as we want. Like the opening paragraph on the "Our Classes" page, and this will be a very large generalization, there really are two main paths that one can take when participating in CrossFit. A person can do it because they want to get in shape or stay in shape, feel good, get stronger, move better, look better, etc. On the other hand, a person could really enjoy the competitive aspect of CrossFit, and in the last few years that side of it has really exploded. We're also well aware that amongst our 100+ members, we've got plenty of folks that would fall into either category.

The fact of the matter is, the workouts that one would do to "stay fit" (and it could be a very high degree of "fit") are not the same workouts that one would do if they want to participate in competitive exercise and really see what they're capable of. So, why should all of you do the same workout if your goals are different? NOTE: 101 and 201 started as more of a beginner vs. advanced distinction and has at times looked nearly identical. Scaling a workout does not change the intent or goal of the workout. Our Fitness and Performance classes (and also why we chose to call them such) will be more distinct in identifying and meeting the goals of the groups. It's not about harder vs. easier or Rx'd vs. scaled nor is it about better vs. worse. It's about differing goals and therefore different types of workouts to address those goals.

Hopefully that gives you some of the reasoning behind this switch, now I'll try to address some of the questions I foresee coming my way...

When will this change in programming occur and why now?

We'd been hinting that with our now larger facility we can actually split up the space and have two classes going at once. The timing of this switch comes as a result of now being able to do that whereas in the past, it simply wouldn't have been possible logistically.

The switch will happen on August 4. Our current training cycle will conclude with a testing week July 28 - August 2 so what better time to make a switch like this than right after everyone has finished the current training (funny how the timing of that worked out huh?). The change hasn't been made on the MindBody schedule yet, but will by August 4.

What times will the Fitness and Performance classes be offered?

TBD. But I can tell you that every time slot which currently has a class, will still have a class. Since one must test into the Performance class, we're going to wait and see who and how many people test into Performance and then create a schedule that meets those demands.

Speaking of the testing protocol, how is that going to work?

You saw the requirements for the Performance group on the classes page. If you want to participate in that, you've got from now until August 4 to pass the testing requirements so you can hit the ground running on August 4. Simply email me (Josh) to let me know you'd like to test out and we'll coordinate a time between you and us coaches so you can come in and do that (Thursdays may be a great option because they're an open gym day).

What if I'm not ready to test out yet, but will be down the road?

No problem. Just let us know when you're ready to give it a go and we'll set it up. Whenever you pass, you'll be able to jump into the Performance class right away.

How will the Fitness and Performance workouts differ?

I'll make an analogy that hopefully makes sense and tells you what you can expect. Consider football (I know the World Cup is still going on, but I'm talking about American football). What's required to be a high school varsity player versus a pro in the NFL? A lot of similar things; the fundamentals are still practiced and it's still the same game at it's core. However, does a high school football player need to be able to understand and execute a Tampa 2 defense? Nah, probably not. Does a pro? You bet.

If you're just trying to be fit, do you need to squat? In my opinion, yes (the level of fitness that is attained from regularly practicing a barbell back squat can't be argued). Do you need to squat 8 days a week and utilize undulating wave-loading techniques? Probably not. If you're trying to push your performance levels or compete in fitness do you need to to that? Maybe at times, but at the very least you'll squat more frequently and to a greater degree. The squat is just one example but you could apply that to any exercise or workout.

The best way to see how they'll be different is to just watch it play out and you'll start to see the difference. It's a little hard to articulate but it'll be noticeable.

Even if I can test into the Performance group, should I?

It's totally up to you and what your goals are. Remember, no body is required to do anything here. We're just offering another service to try and better meet the varying needs and goals that we have at Sanctify.

Can I switch back and forth between Fitness and Performance?

We strongly recommend against it. They are separate programs and if you jump between the two, you'll likely miss out on the benefits of either.

This is plenty long and I hope I addressed most of the big questions. If you've got others, please don't hesitate to email me (josh@crossfitsanctify.com). If I get enough questions or there are common ones, I'll do another write up like this to answer them.

We're excited about this new service offering and truly do hope that we can better meet your needs and desires as a member of Sanctify. Haha, it's not like us to just sit by and "let things be." We're always trying to do it better and hope this is a reflection of that.

Rest Day/Open Gym

Anybody want to test into Performance?

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