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Tuesday 140729

Sue and Dom rolling through some KB snatches.

101 & 201

A. Back squat, 20 minutes to build to a 1RM

Notes: Do as much empty bar warm-up as you'd like, but no weight above 135/85 goes on the bar until the 20 minutes begins. Be sure to keep the floor around you clear of weights and other stuff in case you need to dump it. However, if you've never dumped a back squat before, don't try it today. Ask a coach for a spot and be sure to communicate with them beforehand so you're each on the same page. I expect to see quite a few PRs!


500m row

Rest 90 seconds in erg

500m row

Notes: Each effort should be ALL OUT. During the rest, you must stay seated on the erg WITH YOUR FEET STILL STRAPPED IN. Rest precisely 90 seconds, no more, no less. It may be helpful to have a partner with a whiteboard to record your times and to time your rest. If you did this test back in April, take a look at the Google spreadsheet to see what times you need to beat.

Post loads and times to Facebook and Google spreadsheet.