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Wednesday 140730

It's always sad to see another ten pass on to bumper plate heaven. While every ten will eventually have to leave us, you can do your part to make their time with us as long as possible. Never drop a bar with just tens on it. Tens are a vital part of the bumper plate family, but hold up much better when they're partnered up with their siblings 25's and 45's. Please save the tens.

You may have already noticed, but as a reminder next week we start the new programming with Fitness and Performance. Take a look at the schedule as you'll see some slight variations, but nothing major.

For that matter, if you'd like to start with Performance right away next week, you can still do the test-out procedure this week still. Just let a coach know when you'd like to do it. After this week, a person can jump into Performance whenever they'd like. Just let us know when you'd like to do the test-out and we'll run you through it. Let us know if you have questions.

101 & 201

A. Military press, 12 minutes to build to a 1RM

Notes: No weight on the bar until the clock begins. If it doesn't take you long to get to your 1RM and it's less than 115/75, drop to 80% and get in 2-3 sets of 5 at that weight.

B. Weighted pull-ups (pronated), 12 minutes to build to a 1RM

Notes: Note your weight added and then score as PRESS WEIGHT/BWT+PULL-UP WEIGHT. For example, 150/175+65 = 150/240 = 62.5%. A good ratio as an indicator of proper push/pull balance is 65%. If you can only do 1 pull-up with your bodyweight only, you'll enter "0" in the weighted pull-up 1RM column on the spreadsheet but be sure to put in your bodyweight...it counts for something! If you must use a band, establish a 1RM using the smallest band possible and note the band color in the spreadsheet.


3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 KB swings, 24/16kg
12 pull-ups

Notes: 15 minute cut-off. Russian swings are allowed but will be considered a scale and won't be eligible for the record board. If you are going for the record board, be sure to let your coach know beforehand.

Post loads to Facebook and the Google spreadsheet.