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Tuesday 140805


Did you guys plan this?


A. Press, 2x3@70%, 1x3@80%, 2x3@85%, 2:30 clock
B. Cleans from high-hang, 3x3@80%, 2:00 clock

Notes: B is based on your 1RM clean and jerk. Drop into the high hang position, pause for 1-2 seconds, and then pull yourself to the bar. Last week we noticed that many of you are pulling the bar 2-3 inches over your shoulders, and then letting the bar drop into the front rack. This is just a waste of energy both in the pull and in the catch. Today, work on getting rid of the “slack” and increasing elbow speed. See the above video for what it means to have speed under the bar.

C. C&J, 5x1@85%, 1:30 clock

Notes: Should be heavy, but there shouldn’t be any failed attempts. Work on keeping the bar close through the transition around the knee.


8 min AMRAP:
2 Russian KB swings, 24/16kg
2 HR push-up

Notes: Add 2 reps each round. Stay rigid (hollow body position) on the HRPU.


A. Snatch grip split jerk, 8 minutes build to tough single from rack 

Notes: This is done from behind-the-neck. Focus on the footwork just like you would for a traditional split jerk. You should be able to get to something pretty heavy with this technique. Once you get above what you can safely/comfortably lower to your back, drop it to the floor. Work in partners if possible to make re-racking it easier.

B. Segmented snatch deadlift (DEMO), 4x1.1.1, rest :15/2:00

Notes: This is a snatch deadlift (a deadlift performed with the same positions and bar path as a snatch) in which you pause for 2 seconds at 1" off floor, below knee, and mid-thigh, then lockout (the positions in the DEMO vid are different than what we're doing but you get the idea). You may drop from the top as long as you've got more than a 25lb bumper per side, which you should because you should go really heavy on this. In fact, as long as you can hold the proper positions, you should be able to start at your snatch 1RM and go up from there. You may/should use straps with these but if you do, you'll have to start re-strapping almost immediately upon dropping so as to stick to the 15 second rest b/w reps.

C. EMOM x5: 4 TnG power snatch

Notes: Go heavy but stay with the same weight for all sets. TnG means no pause on floor. Touch-n-go means touch-n-go.


12 min @ 80-90% effort:
Farmers walk 100' (50'-50'), 100/70lb per hand 
4 burpee high box jump step-downs, up to 36"/30″ 
HS walk 10' or 2 wall walks 

Notes: Weather-permitting, the FW will be outside, but if so, be purposeful in transitioning from the FW to going inside for the other movements. The FW weight represents what should be added to the handles. For the purposes of the BBJSD, we'll count the solid black 45lb bumpers as 3" thick. If you can HS walk, choose that. Depending on space and numbers we'll stagger which exercise you start with.

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