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Monday 140811

Pretty cool stuff. Entertaining to say the least.

A. Back Squat, 2x4@75%, 1x4@80%, 2x4@85%, 2:30 clock

B. Back Squat, AMRAP @70%

Notes: This week we will be increasing the volume to 5x4. Stick to the percentages as prescribed for A. If you finish set 5 and feel like you need more, go up 5-10lbs from last week on B and have at it. This week the cap for B is 15 reps.


50' shuttle runs, AMRAP in 10 min up to 40 reps
EMOM stop and do burpees: 1 burpee at the end of the first min, two the 2nd, and so on...


Rest 8 min


Lunge 400' holding a KB however you want, 24/16kg, 10 min cut off

Notes: This will be another two-part WOD. For part one you will run forty 50’ sprints. Cones will be placed 50’ apart and you will run between the marked lines. Every time you run from one line to the next it will count as one sprint. You will have 10 min to complete 40. When the clock beeps everyone will do one burpee, and then begin their first sprint. Add 1 burpee EMOM after that. If you don’t finish the sprints in under 10 min then you will be finishing part 1 with burpees.

For part two of the WOD, the cones will be set 50’ apart as well. You will be lunging from line to line. The WOD is over when you accumulate 400’ (8 lengths) of total distance or run into the 10min cut off. Oh, and you will be carrying a kettlebell the whole time. Last thing…if the KB touches the ground at any point before the 10 min cut off there will be a 10 burpee penalty, but you can carry it anyway you want.


A. Back squat 3-2-1-3-2-1 @ 30X1, 3:00 clock

Notes: This is wave loading. Typically when you see something like this (another example might be 5-4-3-5-4-3 or 5-3-1-5-3-1), the idea is to make the second "wave" (in this case the second 3-2-1) heavier than the first. That's exactly the goal today. The recommendation would be to start at ~80% 1RM and go from there. Note the 3 second eccentric portion of the lift. Slow it down more than what you're typically used to.

B. BB on back alt'g reverse lunge, 3x5 each, 3:00 clock


For time @ 80-90% effort:
Wall walk
Clean (squat), 225/135
Rope climb

Notes: Grinder pace. You won't be able to to anything UB. You'll have to pace it. We'll stagger if needed but because we've got only 2 ropes you may end up having to alternate climbs with someone. If your best clean is less than 245/155, then use 90% of your 1RM. Yep, they're supposed to be heavy.

Post loads, reps, and times to Facebook.