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Friday 140815

Tammy took a bit of a hiatus from us but has been back for most of the summer now and we're so glad to have her back! She works hard every time she's here, is extremely coachable, and is a bubbly personality that's great to have in class. Great having you back Tammy!


A. Snatch, all reps @ 75%, 3x2 high-hang, 3x2 below knee, 3x2 full (from floor), 1:30 clock
B. Front Squat, 3x8-10 @ heavier than last week, 3:00 clock

Notes: For the snatches today, you will be following the same routine as last week but with 75% of your 1RM Snatch. The front squat will also be the same, but the goal is to go up in weight from last week (last week we were at 65%).


For Time:
Power snatch, 115/75
OHS, 115/75
100 DU

Notes: 15 min cut-off. Scale as needed.


A. Back squat, EMOM x8, 2 reps @22X1, 50-60% 1RM

Notes: Speed squats. 2 sec down, 2 sec pause in bottom (to eliminate bouncing), EXPLODE up. Maximal acceleration as you come out of the hole, hence the light percentages. Hold your posture while you're in the bottom though. If you don't stay tight down there you won't be exploding anything.


30, 20, 10 for time
KB swing, 32/24kg
Wall ball, 20/14lb to 10'/9′ target

rest 5 mins

3 min AMRAP burpees

rest 5 mins

For time:

10 burpee muscle-ups
10 wall walks
5 rope climbs
100m farmer’s walk 100/70lb per hand (outside weather permitting)

Notes: Note times for the first and third part and reps completed for middle portion. Grinder pace for last part. Burpee jumping muscle-ups if needed (but keep working on those MUs!).

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