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Tuesday 140826

Anne-Lise hitting solid positions on her way through a Turkish get-up. Nice job A-L!

A. Press: 5x6, AHAP; 3:00 clock
B. High-hang Clean: 2x2@85%; 2:00 clock
C. Clean and Jerk: 7x1, Heavier than last week; 1:30 clock
3min max effort AD (for total cal)

Notes: For A, use last weeks numbers to help you find a starting point. Build each set, but make sure you are getting 6 unbroken reps each round. Also, if anyone is looking for a challenge, Josh's best 3 min AD max cals is 99. Serious props to anyone who cracks 100 cals.


A. Power snatch, build to a TnG 5RM in 12 min
B. Hang power clean from below knee cap, 4x1.1.1.1; rest :10/2:00
5 sets:
6-10 UB HSPU
Row 400 m @ 90%
rest 2:30

-No pause on floor for 5RM TnG PS; can re-grip at hip if needed
-Pause 1 sec below knee and drop weight to rest 10 sec after each rep of HPC; rest 2 min b/w sets
-Goal is 6-10 each set on HSPU; but don't stop at 6 if you can do 10; kipping is allowed but if 6-10 strict is doable for you, do them strict

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