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Friday 140829

Aaron hit a big power clean PR at the Fittest Farmhand Challenge last Saturday with 255lb. Awesome job dude!


A. Snatch: 3x2 From below the knee, 4x2 from the floor
B. Front squat: 3x8-10, up from LW; 3:00 clock

6min AMRAP:
30 sec ME AD
20M/15F HR push-ups

Rest 5 min

3 sets:

1 min ME burpee pull-ups
1 min rest

Notes: Go up from last week on both the snatch and FS.


A. Snatch balance, 3×3 @moderate weight; rest 1 min
B. 3-position snatch (floor, below knee, mid-thigh), 3 sets moderate; rest 2mins
C. Snatch, build to a tough single in 10 min
10 sets @ 80-90% effort:
30 unbroken DU
2 burpee MU
Row 200m
rest 1min b/w sets

-A and B are essentially to ready you for C, therefore, keep those weights light to moderate (absolutely no missing), drill perfect technique and positions (no riding weight down), and get ready for snatch max
-Partner up as needed and stagger as you go through 10 sets; goal is consistent times across