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Friday 140905

Shout-out to Kevin and Cory. Both of these guys had been kinda "stuck" with their back squats the last couple of times we've tested and I think got a bit frustrated as a result. However, they each had a bit of a break-through on Tuesday during the Total. Kevin hit 315 for a 10lb PR and Cory got 295 also for a 10lb PR. Great job men. Consistency and hard work, over and over and over, will pay off.

A. Snatch: 15min to establish 1RM
B. Clean and Jerk: 15min to establish 1RM
1 mile run for time

Notes: We'll do plenty of warm-up drills prior to starting. Get under the bar quickly and be aggressive!


A. Snatch balance, 3×3; light and fast, rest 1-2 min
B. Snatch, build to a tough single in 10mins
C. 20 snatches for time @ 77% of B
10 no push-up burpee box jump AFAP, 20"/15″
20 sec AD all out
rest 4-6mins

- Snatch balance must be perfect, don't ride weight down
- We'll warm up a bit before starting the 10min clock
- Record time for 20 snatches (point of reference: Josh in 6:18)
- Don’t hold back on the AD
- Full recovery b/w sets

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