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Monday 140908

If you haven't had the pleasure of working out with Dom yet, you're missing out. I can't think of a guy who is more coachable, positive, and willing to work his tail off at the same time. I know he's going to give a solid effort every class, ask questions if he's not certain, and also be a great teammate and workout partner to whoever is around him. We're glad to have you man and keep doing what you're doing!

The Lurong Living Paleo Challenge starts next Monday, September 15 so you can still sign up! Big props to the 9 of you that have signed up already. It's gonna be good stuff. Who's ready to join them?!

A. Deadlift: 5x3, start at 75% and build per set; 2:00 clock
B. Press: Build to AHAP in 10min
C. Press: 5 min to accumulate reps @80%
EMOM x10:
Odd - 15 Wall Ball, 20/14lb to 10'/9'
Even - ME UB CTB pull-ups

Notes: If you can't do CTB then scale to 10 ring rows.


A. BS, 5x2 @ 30X1; 3min clock, last 2 sets tough
B. EMOM x12
odd – 5-8 thrusters, 95/65lb
even – 7-10 CTB pull-ups
C. EMOM x6: 1 rope climb + 5-7 HSPU
10mins AD, easy aerobic

- build per set on BS; push it on the last two sets if feeling it
- focus on your breathing and not grunting through the thrusters
- pace the RC/HSPU; record how many HSPU you do
- flush out, easy AD ride

Post results to Facebook.