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Wednesday 140910

Have you met Otto K. yet? If not, it's probably because you don't attend the 6AM class because Otto's been there very consistently ever since he started a little better than a month ago. He's got a lot of enthusiasm to get stronger and better at CrossFit and he's putting in the effort to get him there. It's awesome to have you Otto. Keep it up!

The Granite Games is this Friday through Sunday and Sanctify is sending 11 athletes to compete. I've heard of a few of you expressing interest in coming up to watch and cheer them on, which would be awesome! I'm not sure what the situation will be as far as getting tickets at the door, but I know you can get them online here. Also, if you're not able to make the trip to St. Cloud, MN to watch in person, the competition is going to be streaming live from FloElite so you can watch online instead.

It should be a fun weekend for everyone participating and I know they're hoping to do well!

10min AMRAP:
30 sec Row at 90%
30 DU
20 abmat sit-ups

Rest 4min

10min AMRAP:

10 burpee box jump 24/20"
10 TTB

Rest 4min

10min AMRAP:

Run 250M
20 Russian KB swing, 24/16kg


A. Snatch, build to a tough double in 10mins (not TnG)
B. EMOM x6: 5 TnG power snatch @115/75 + 15 DU
5 sets @75-95% effort:
5 TnG PS @ 65-70% of A
10 KBS, 32/24kg
15 box jump step-downs, 24"/20″
rest 90sec b/w sets; increase pace per set
Row 20sec @ ME
rest 10sec on erg (no row)

- warm up to 40% of 1RM snatch before starting clock for A; quick reset b/w reps
- work on quick turnover on PS TnG work and DU
- increase pace each set for 5 sets; record split times!
- max meters; don’t hold back on row

Post results to comments.