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Friday 140919

Shout-out to Jodi and Justin who joined our ranks earlier this month. They come to Sanctify with a good bit of CrossFit experience and we're glad to have them. They're fun folks to have in class as well so if you haven't yet, be sure to introduce yourself and make them feel at home.

A. 2-stop clean (2 sec pause below knee and 2 sec pause above the knee): 7x2, AHAP; 1:45 clock
B. Jerk (from rack): 5x2, Heavier than last week. 1:45 Clock
Lurong Living Challenge WOD #3

"Triple Tester"

11 min AMRAP:
3 wall balls
3 box jumps
3 deadlifts
6 wall balls
6 box jumps
6 deadlifts
9 wall balls
9 box jumps
9 deadlifts

Notes: Continue to add three reps per round for the entirety of the workout. Levels are as follows:

Level 1
Medball cleans instead of wall balls at 14/10lb
Box jumps, 16"/12"
Deadlifts, 95/55lb

Level 2
Wall balls, 14/10lb to 10'/9'
Box jumps, 20"/16"
Deadlifts, 105/65lb

Level 3 (I'd expect most of you to be here)
Wall balls, 20/14lb to 10'/9'
Box jumps, 24"/20"
Deadlifts, 115/75lb


A. Clean, build to tough single in 10 min

B. Behind neck jerk from rack, build to tough single in 10 min
Odd - 2-3 muscle-ups
Even - 10 alt'g pistols
"Triple Tester" done at Level 3

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