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Saturday 140920

This was so cool it deserves another look. There was a time when Angela started (barely six months ago) that pressing the 15lb training bar was not something she was comfortable with. To her credit she has been extremely consistent in showing up, heeding our coaching, giving her best effort, and it's stuff like this that she has to show for it all. You're doing great Angela! Don't stop!

A. Back Squat: 5x2, heavier than last week. 1:45 Clock
1 mile run for time
15 min skill work of your choice

Notes: If you missed last Friday's back squats, we did 5x3, starting at 75% and building each set. Therefore today you should be able to start at ~80% and build from there.


Test 1 - 2k row

Test 2 - 1 attempt ME UB wall balls
Test 3 - 50-10 DU and burpees

Row 500m easy pace (warm-up)
Row 30sec 90% aerobic
rest walk 30sec
x 8
Row 500m easy pace (flush out)
For time (tester):
50 DU
10 burpees
40 DU
10 burpees
30 DU
10 burpees
20 DU
10 burpees
10 DU
10 burpees


- The rowing will make the tester more bearable
- Use your best 2k row time to determine "100% aerobic"; add 10% to that split time to estimate "90% aerobic"; example: best 2k row is 7:00 which is a 1:45 average pace which is 105 seconds/500m. 90% effort should take 10% longer which would be an additional 10.5 seconds/500m so your target 90% aerobic pace should be ~1:55
- DEMO of tester

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