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Tuesday 141007

Looked who figured out how to kip his TTB! Nice job Al!

A. OHS: 6x1, Build to AHAP, 1:15 clock
B. Snatch Deadlift: 8 min to build to a heavy single
C. Snatch: 6x1 @90-95% 1RM, 1:15 clock
Lurong Challenge WOD # 5 "Boomsauce"
15 min AMRAP:
1 squat clean
1 muscle-up/pull-up/jumping pull-up
2 squat clean
2 muscle-up/pull-up/jumping pull-up
3 squat clean
3 muscle-up/pull-up/jumping pull-up
4 squat clean
4 muscle-up/pull-up/jumping pull-up

Notes: The three critical positions for the "squat clean" are: bar starts on ground, the bar is racked across the shoulders, and you pass through a full squat with the bar racked. That means that a real "clean" and a "power clean + front squat" are permitted. Touch-n-go reps are allowed.

Key positions on the muscle-up are fully extended elbows at the bottom and locked out elbows at the top. No up-rises or other shenanigans are allowed. Both pull-up variations require fully extended elbows at the bottom, and the chin CLEARLY over the horizontal plan of the bar at the top. If it's close it doesn't count. The jumping pull-up requires that your chin be no less than 14" below the pull-up bar in the standing position.

Level 1 - 55/35lb clean, jumping pull-ups
Level 2 - 135/85lb clean, pull-ups
Level 3 - 185/105lb clean, muscle-ups


3 sets @ sustainable pace:
10 UB TnG power snatch, moderate
30 cals AD, fast but sustainable
3 min cap per set – rest remainder of time per set if you finish the round in under 3 min
Lurong Challenge WOD # 5 "Boomsauce"

- record weight and time per set
- if you haven’t finished the calories on the bike in 3 min return to the snatches
- "3 sets" should be a great warm-up for "Boomsauce"