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Friday 141010

Meet Sury. If you've attended a 6PM class lately, you've probably already done that. I really appreciate this guy's willingness to learn and try new things. He was a discus thrower in college and the long levers that made him a good thrower don't necessarily make CrossFit things come very easy. But, to his credit he works hard, does his best to heed our instruction, and is making steady progress as a result. Great having you Sury!

A. Clean and Jerk: 5x1@85%-90%, 5x1@90-95%; 1:15 clock
B. BS: 5x2, build to AHAP; 1:30 clock
1 min ME AD immediately followed by ME-UB Russian Swings, 24/16kg
Rest 5min
30 sec ME AD immediately followed by ME UB Russian Swings, 24/16kg

- C&J: stay at the prescribed percentages; the goal is to get to a heavy weight and build volume WITHOUT ANY MISSED REPS
- back squats: try to build to a heavier weight than last week
- resist the temptation to "hold back" on the AD in an attempt to make the swings hurt less; this test will have more to do with your mental fortitude than any physical quality


A. snatch, build to a moderate single
B. 1 PC + 1 HPC + 1 HC; build to heavy in 5 sets, 2:30 clock
C. EMOM x6: 2 split jerk @ 80% of 1rm
D. EMOM x12:
odd – 5 TTB + 5 CTB
even – 10 box jump step-downs, 24/20″

- use rack/blocks for split jerk
- if doable, don't come off bar b/w TTB and CTB