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Tuesday 141014

More muscle-up pics, this time of Nat. Again, note how low she gets in the bottom of the dip. Certainly, things can be done so as to not catch yourself so low, but having the necessary strength to press out from that deep is extremely helpful. Do your dips deep!

A. OHS: 6x1, Build to AHAP, 1:15 clock
B. Snatch Deadlift: 8 min to build to a heavy single
C. Snatch: 6x1 @90-95% 1RM, 1:15 clock
Lurong Challenge WOD #6 "The X WOD"
8 min AMRAP:
TTB/knees-to-90/abmat sit-ups

Notes: This is a "chute and ladder" style workout meaning you work your way down the rep scheme, after completing the round of 3, you then go back up the ladder and continue going down and up the ladder for the duration of the 8 minutes.

Any style of snatch is allowed: power snatch, muscle snatch, squat snatch, split snatch, and you can press it out (for Level 1 only clean and jerks are allowed and the bar must pass below the knee, not touch the floor because you won't have bumpers on).

TTB require both feet to simultaneously touch the bar between your hands and then to pass behind the bar at the bottom.

Knees-to-90 require a fully extended hip and knee with the feet off the ground at the beginning and the top of the knee must pass above the hip crease at the top.

Abmat sit-ups will be done butterfly style with the bottoms of the feet touching, the shoulder blades and hands must touch the floor in the beginning position and then hands must touch the top of the toes at the finish position.

Level 1 - 45/35lb and abmat sit-ups
Level 2 - 75/55lb and knees-to-90
Level 3 - 95/65lb and TTB


A. EMOM x12:
odd – 5 TnG PC @65% of 1rm
even – 45 DU
B. EMOM x12:
odd – 10 KB swing, 2/1.5pd
even – 8 push press, 115/75lb
Lurong Challenge WOD # 6 "The X WOD"

- focus on breathing with TnG PC
- BB should not pause anywhere with TnG PC