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Wednesday 141015

This is Josh H. He comes to us by way of Minnesota and has done CrossFit for a while up there. He's got a good strength base and has a desire to keep improving. If you haven't met him in the evening yet, be sure to say hi the next time you see him. We're glad to have you Josh!

3 rounds, each on a 5min clock:
Run 250M
12 Box Jump (step down)
20 SA Dumbbell S-OH (10ea), 50+/30+

3 rounds, each on a 5min clock:
30 DU
8 Front Squat (not from rack), 135/95
30 KBS, 24/16kg
30 Burpee pull-ups for time

Notes: The clock will be set for 3 five minute rounds. When it beeps get the work done as fast as possible; whatever time remains is rest. Time between the three pieces will be up to the coach but the transition will be fast since there is built in rest each round. For the DB ST-OH go heavy!


400m row @ 90% effort
rest walk 3mins
5mins AMRAP
1 PC + FR forward lunge R and L + S2O = 1 rep

- increase pace by as close to one second as possible each row
- the best way to ensure you drop your 400 time by 1 sec is to decrease your 500m split time by 2 sec
- record score for 5min amrap
- compare 5 min AMRAP to 6 min AMRAP from 140924