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Friday 141017



A. Clean and Jerk: 5x1@85%-90%, 5x1@90-95%; 1:15 clock
B. BS: 5x2, build to AHAP, 1:30 clock
In 6min: ME UB KB clean & jerk, 24/16kg

Notes: Once the KB leaves the floor it cannot touch again. You may change hands as often as you want, but do not put the bell down. You may ONLY rest in the racked position or overhead position for as long as you want. If the 'bell is rested anywhere other than the rack or OH position before the end of 6 minutes, there will be a 50 burpee penalty.

Remember, one of the foundations of CrossFit is challenge. Like the Lurong posters say, "Without challenge there is no change." The weights are 24/16kg. If you have a shoulder injury then obviously scaling is fine. But if you can lift this weight for at least two reps DO NOT SCALE!


A. snatch deadlift, build to a tough single in 8mins
B. snatch from high-hang, build to a tough single in 8 min
C. OHS, build to a tough double in 8 min
3 sets @ max effort:
5 TnG PC, build per set
8 burpees AFAP
20 sec AD, all out
rest walk 5 mins b/w sets

- compare A to segmented snatch deadlift from 140805
- record numbers for A, B, C
- start with a tough TnG PC weight and make small builds