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Friday 141024

Otto is continuing to improve his movement and as a result is steadily able to add more and more weight to the bar. He asks insightful questions and is gaining a better understanding of everything as well. Great job Otto, keep it up!

A. Snatch: 15min to establish a 1RM
B. Clean and Jerk: 15min to establish a 1RM
15min AMRAP:
3 bent over rows, 135/95
6 power cleans, 135/95
9 front squats, 135/95
12 burpee lateral bar jumps

Notes: Use the same weight for all the barbell movements. Watch out. This one may be a grinder!


A. split jerk from blocks, 3x1.1.1; rest 15sec/rest 3mins
B. close grip bench press, 3x3-4; rest 3mins
C. TGU, 20 tough reps; you pick weight, alt hands per rep
Row 500m max effort
rest 90sec stay in rower
Row 500m max effort

- may have to change weights and/or bars quickly depending on number of people sharing blocks
- build to heavy on B
- stay smooth on TGU; don't rush but don't rest unnecessarily
- compare row repeat test to 140729 (J-Earley - 1:26.5/1:32.5)