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Monday 141103

Congrats to Ben Brindley for winning the 3-month membership to Sanctify and Susan Helms for winning her very own York needle-bearing barbell courtesy of Brute Strength Equipment. Fortunately for you ladies, Susan is going to leave the bar at Sanctify and said that any ladies can use it, so long as she isn't using it:) Thanks Susan!

A. Back Squat: 6x5, build from last week, 3min clock

Notes: If you finished all of your reps last week (we were at 70%) then try to go up A LITTLE this week. Note that the reps stay at 5 each set, but we added one more set than last week. No missed reps!

Lurong Benchmark WOD #2 "The Olympian"

9 min AMRAP:
20 G2OH, 20/14MB, 65/45, 95/65
7 Bar facing burpees
15 G2OH, 45/35, 75/55, 135/85
7 Bar facing burpees
10 G2OH, 65/45, 95/65, 155/105
7 Bar facing burpees
5 G2OH, 95/65, 135/95, 185/135
7 Bar facing burpees
AMRAP G2OH, 115/85, 155/105, 225/155

Notes: 3 weights listed are for Levels 1, 2, and 3, respectively.


A. Back squat @32X1; 4-4-3-3-2-2; rest 3mins
B1. BB front rack step-up, 8/leg, knee parallel with or just above hip; rest 30sec
B2. 10-18 CTB pull-ups; rest 30sec
B3. Wall ball, 20/14lb to 10′ target, 20-30reps unbroken; rest 3-4mins x 3
C. 20 TGU, tough, you pick weight, alt'g arms per rep
3 rounds NOT FOR TIME:
1 burpee MU
2 rope climbs (legless if possible)
3 box jump step-downs, 36/30″
4 deadlifts, 275/185

– focus on tempo in BS; 2 sec hold in bottom
- go for a big UB set of CTB w/i that range
– go for 30 wall balls if possible