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Wednesday 141105

I don't know Rob, I think you can pull off the pink bandana really well actually.
Just a reminder to those of you in the Lurong Challenge that you need to get your final bodyweight and measurements sometime this week. Stop in sometime to get that done!

A. Deadlift: 5x1.1.1., rest :15/2:00
B. 3 TnG cleans +1 Jerk (DEMO): 3 sets, build to AHAP, 3min clock

Notes: For A, just like last week, build to a weight that challenges your stability and accumulate reps at that weight. No failed reps!

Lurong Benchmark WOD #3 "Triplet Tester"

11min AMRAP
3 wall balls
3 box jumps
3 deadlifts
6 wall balls
6 box jumps
6 deadlifts
9 wall balls
9 box jumps
9 deadlifts

Level 1 - 14/10lb MB cleans, 16"/12" BJ, 95/55lb DL
Level 2 - 14/10lb to 10'/9' WB, 20"/16" BJ, 105/65lb DL
Level 3 - 20/14lb to 10'/9' WB, 24"/20" BJ, 115/75lb DL


A. squat clean thruster, build to max in 10mins
B. EMOM – @75% of A, SC thruster 1 rep the first min, 2 the second min, 3 the third min, 4 the 4th; continue until you cannot complete the reps in that min
8mins @90% effort:
5 PS, 115/75
10 box jump step-down, 24"/20"
25 unbroken DU

rest 4mins

8mins @90% effort:

Row 150m
5 burpee pull-ups
8 Russian KB swing, 2/1.5pd

– J-Earley: 1 SCT short of finishing round of 7
– record total number of reps
– keep the 90% work sustainable (start, maintain, and finish at the same pace)