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Friday 141114

Kevin mentioned to me that ever since he struggled more than he wanted to the last time we maxed out the back squat, he's been making an effort to go not just "low enough" but instead, all the way down, and he said it's making A TON of difference. I tell you, if you're not comfortable going all the way down in training at lighter loads, there's no way you'll get deep enough when testing under maximal weight or a lot of fatigue. Practice how you want to play. Otherwise we'll just have to "no rep" you. Seriously.

A. Front Squat: 3x12, 3min clock
4 Rounds, each on a 3 min clock:
3 TnG Power Cleans, 135/95
5 FS, 135/95
8-10 pull-ups
4 Rounds, each on a 3min clock:
1min ME AD
10 burpees

Notes: There should be no break between the TnG PC and the FS; finish the last PC and start squatting. Push the pace on these sets and make your transitions as fast as possible.


A. EMOM x10: 3 speed back squats w/bands @20X1 (DEMO, watch this and see notes)
B. OHS @42X1; build to a moderate triple in 5 sets (DEMO)
C. EMOM x8: 8 CTB chin ups
D. EMOM x12:
odd – 6 tough KB snatch R
even – 6 tough KB snatch L

– start with about 50-55% 1RM on the BS; work on speed on concentric; women mini-band, men medium band
– pause at bottom for OHS; form over load important here
– work on speed for CTB chin ups, if volume is low add speed element, NOT reps or load
– choose aggressive load for KB snatch but solid form, breathe throughout