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Tuesday 141125

Tracy and Michelle (not pictured here) have been faithfully making the trip down to Sanctify from Portage a couple times each week, for the last few months and have some steady gains to show as a result. We're glad to have both of you!
There's still time to form a team and sign up to participate in our "Finishing Touches" Campaign with us this Friday at 9AM. All the money we raise will go toward funding a glass overhead door to replace the one we've currently got. No donation is required to participate but we'd certainly appreciate it.

You can sign up you and your teammate along with what level you'll be doing the workout at by clicking the link and going to this Google spreadsheet. You can also see what the workout is and the three different levels by clicking the second sheet at the bottom. We want to get the heat schedule formed by Wednesday evening so get signed up ASAP!

Hope to see you there!

A. OHS: Build to a tough single in 10min.
B. Snatch Balance: Build to a tough single in 10min.
C. EMOM x6: 5 TnG power snatch, 115/75
In 7min:
AMRAP burpees in the remaining time

Notes: Record total burpees on the board.


A. Power clean TnG cluster, 3.3.3; rest 10sec/rest 3mins x 3
B. EMOM x6: 3 split jerk from rack (no TnG) @65% 1RM SJ
C. EMOM x8: 1 Power clean + 3 TnG SJ @65% 1RM C&J (TnG from PC into SJ)
4 sets:
20 UB wall balls, 20/14# to 10′ target
ME UB CTB pull-ups
rest walk 3mins

– build per set on PC (J-Earley: last set @80% 1RM PC)
– B is technique work on SJ
– focus on going straight to the jerk from PC on C
– record last PC cluster and CTB scores on board
- J-Earley: 225, 15-15-12-10