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Tuesday 150106

This is Jes Strickler. He's been in classes for a couple of weeks now and has really jumped into the program. He's showing up consistently and is making an effort to learn the movements as quickly as he can. He's a great guy and we're glad to have him in our community. Be sure to introduce yourself the next time you see him. Great having you Jes!

A. Clean DL: Build to 130% of your 1RM clean in 8 min
B. FS: 8 min to build to 120% of your 1RM clean
C. Clean: 1 Rep @90%-95% every 90sec. x5

Notes: Following the proper bar path is the priority on the clean deadlifts is the priority. You should be able to build heavier than you have in previous weeks.
6x500M Row, 1:30 rest
Each round AFAP


A. Jerk balance, 3×3; 40% of 1rm rest 1 min
B. PC and SJ build to a max in 15mins
C. Wtd dip, 4x2-3; rest 3mins
40 sec AD @10min max cal pace
20 sec AD @easy spin

- jerk balance is primer for B
watch DEMO and read notes on execution and purpose
- AHAP on wtd dips; as long as you get 3 reps, add weight
- record max for PC&SJ on board