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Tuesday 150113

Last Tuesday's clean session. Let's have another good one this week!
Just a reminder that we will be placing another order for hoodies this week. If you want one you can still get in on this order by ordering directly online through MindBody or send an email to Josh. We likely won't order any extras so if you want one, speak now or forever hold your peace!

A. Clean DL: Build to 130% of your 1RM clean in 8min
B. FS:  Build to 120%-130% of your 1RM clean in 8 min
C. Clean: 1 rep every 90sec  at 90%-100% of your 1RM clean x5 sets
2 min max cal AD
rest 3 min

Notes: With 3 min rest b/w sets on the AD, the goal should be to repeat your effort each time. If you've done several workouts on the AD and you're familiar with your abilities on it, then you should know how hard you can go and sustain the effort. Don't slack off on the first set so as to save yourself for the next two. Start strong, finish strong.


A. Jerk balance, 3×3; 40% of 1rm, rest as needed
B. SJ from rack, 1 reps every 30sec for 10 min, 65% of 1rm
Row 500m @90% aerobic effort (i.e. 90% of your 2k PR pace)
rest 2 min b/w rows
during 2 min rest perform 5 close-grip bench press
x 6 sets

- do jerk balances while building up to working weight for B
- perfect form on split jerk