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Thursday 150115 - Rest Day/Open Gym

Amanda and Karla working through Wednesday's deadlifts. We'll be re-testing both of these lifts next week so get ready!
Rest Day Reading

"But the physical strengths pale next to the mental strength weightlifting gives you. It takes iron will to go to the gym several times a week and deliberately inflict pain on yourself. And the good thing about that iron will is that unlike airline tickets, it's transferable. You can use it to tackle and overcome just about anything life throws at you, physical or emotional."10 Great Things About Lifting Weights by TC, T-Nation

As with a lot of articles on T-Nation, this one is a little colorful and not entirely politically correct, but if you can cut through that stuff, there are some solid, maybe even motivational points here. However if you're easily offended, you may want to skip this one.