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Tuesday 150120

Behnke and Anne-Lise taking care of their shoulders before their workout. Are your shoulders achy and not as strong as you'd like? May I make a suggestion...

A. Pull ups: 10 min to build to a max weight
B. 1K Row for time

For A, if you can do at least five strict pull ups then use the 10min to build to a max weight, even if only 2.5lb! If you can't do at least 5 UB strict pull ups then use the 10min accumulate as many strict pull ups at bodyweight as possible. If you need more than a green band to do pull-ups, do ring rows at as steep of an incline as you can with proper mechanics (rigid body, full scapular retraction).

For time:
100 DU
25 KB swings, 24/16kg (American)
75 DU
20 KB swings
50 DU
15 KB swings
25 DU
10 KB swings

Notes: 12 min cut-off. We're testing the CF Total tomorrow so this should get your heart rate up there, get a sweat going, but not take away from tomorrow's testing.


A. PC, build to a max in 10mins
rest 3mins

B. PC, amrap 4mins 90% of A

rest as needed
5 rounds for time (4 min cap):
8 clean and jerks, 95/65
35 DU

– on A, start clock at 40-50% of 1rm
– record score for battery tester (B)
– record misses and when they occur
– do not hold back on 5rnds...test it
- record A, B, and 5 rnds time on board
- J-Earley: 275, 12@250, 4 rnds + 24 reps in 4 min