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Thursday 150122 - Rest Day/Open Gym

I know I won't get the specifics right, but Ben told me that during a recent cross-country ski training session in preparation for him competing in the Birkiebeiner in February that he took 27 MINUTES off of his time for that particular distance (again, I don't know how far he skied but the point is that was a significant improvement). That's after only doing CrossFit a few days per week for not even 3 months yet! To say he was happy with those results may be a bit of an understatement. Good luck on the Birkie, Ben!
"I just want people to look at me and see it's not just the Fronings of the world that can do this...it's everyday people." - Daniel Casey, from ...And Fitness For All from games.crossfit.com

Did you know there will be scaled version of the workouts in this year's Open?

If you've participated in past years, you'll know that while CrossFit HQ does their best to make the Open workouts as inclusive as possible, there are still elements that are very challenging, especially if you don't have a lot of CrossFit experience. That's why this year they are going to be offering scaling options for all of the workouts.

The cool part is that you can choose each week whether you do that particular workout as "scaled" or as "prescribed." This works out really if you're kind of on the bubble between doing most workouts scaled vs. prescribed. Maybe your decently strong and can handle most of the barbell stuff but you're not as good at the gymnastics. Well if there's a heavy deadlift workout you can do it "prescribed" but then for the next workout if there are a bunch of muscle-ups, you can opt to do the scaled version.

Read the article linked above. That's what the Open is all about. If you haven't registered yet, do that now. It's gonna be fun.